Princeton is the sexxiest heartthrob that ever lived. He is a part of a group named Mindless Behavior with 3 other sexxie guys. He has an Afro puff, the cutest smile, is a sweetie pie, talks a lot, his favorite color is green, has a yorkie named Beans, his laugh is hilarious and contagious, he was born on April 21st, 1997, and he is an AMAZING dancer who can't stand bullying because he was bullied.He started dancing and acting at the age of 4 in commercials for McDonalds and Nike. He also was the youngest lead actor for some of Gym Class Heroes music videos like Cupid's ChokeHold as Cupid and Shoot Down The Stars playing as the kid who got bullied. He said whatever a girl doesn't like about herself he likes. His saying is Spread The Peace. He is half black and half Mexican (Puerto Rican) also known as Blexican, but when he puts on a mustache he is Fernando and turns he is all Mexican and speaks only Spanish.
Girl 1: have you heard of Mindless Behavior?
Girl 2: yes I have!
Girl 1: Roc Royal is my favorite
Girl 2: I love Princeton the most
Girl 1: why
Girl 2: because he's sweet and also has a freaky side to him
by iRepMB143 January 07, 2012
This is a phrase made for individuals who have an exceedingly small wanker. They also get little baby hard-ons for mothers of an older age.
*picks dog up off mothers lap*
"Oh my! What a little Princeton you have there!!!"
by Ambroski February 20, 2013
A sexy mofo who could get inside my panties anyday. He's in a popular group called mindless behavior with three other sexy mofo's , who could also get in my panites. they have an album out called "Number one girl" you should go cop that. Princeton is known as the "Peacemaker" of the group. If you start drama , he gon' get a peace sign on you.
Damn , that one with the fro fine as hell!
Hell gtfo.. that's my man!
Princeton's gay af!
Mofo , you tickling yo balls if you think he gay..
by Jane Doee January 02, 2012
Noun. 1. Quite possibly the most pimp place ever in the history of the world 2. Way better than those community colleges known as Harvard and Yale, Princeton was founded in the best year ever by a race of athletic, intellectual, international super-pimps for the sole purpose of being better than the other Ivies in lacrosse and academics 3. Your college's daddy
Guy #1: "Did you hear? Princeton's lacrosse team just won ANOTHER national championship!"
Guy #2: "No, I go to Harvard so I never leave my room (which, by the way, is completely devoid of any beer or naked ladies)."
by J.P.C. August 08, 2005
NJ's hoodest town yet. spend all day at twist and all night at the fountain. more commonly known as an iv league college, but to mercer, middlesex, somerset, and sometimes even monmouth counties in NJ, its where one goes to blaze that shit, and make fun of drunk frat boys/girls. EVERYONE hangs in princeton if your from central NJ.
dude were totally chillin at princeton tonight bring a dutchmaster!

Were gonna go watch the crew team on the princeton river.
by exsouthstudent August 23, 2010
n. the most selective Ivy League school with the coolest students... and engineers .
I'm going to Yale for a year, but hopefully I do well enough to transfer to Princeton afterwards.
by hartk June 21, 2005
Not really a part of New Jersey, Princeton stands out in many ways. In denial about their proximity to Trenton, residents choose to focus on the elitist university that proudly stands in their midst and the athletic communities that fester as a result. The Princeton Public schools are nationally recognized but anyboby who's anyone goes to private school mainly starting in kindergarden, or at latest, in 6th grade. All the avant-garde highschoolers go to boarding schools, mainly exeter, hotchkiss, taft, and of course Lawrenceville. All middle schoolers dream of going to lawrenceville. For those who aren't ready to leave yet apply as a day student. Only the best of the best get in as day students, and the others are forced to sever ties with homes and move out. Weekends are spent in town shopping at j.crew or morning runs by small world coffee or, as a last resort, starbucks. In June and into mid July children attend sports camps usually focusing on soccer in the early years, eventually progressing onto squash and lacrosse. By august everyone is gone either to Nantucket, the Cape, the Vinyard, or Fishers Island. Most people have nicknames that are printed on the back of appropriately faded sweatshirts, worn with seven jeans, and flip flops year round.
Kelsey: Hey Mads how are you? I haven't seen you in Princeton since forever!
Mady: OMG kels I KNOW I can't believe how long its been! Want to run to small world?
Kelsey: Ah I was just there this morning on my way to lville. Lets go to Halo Pub and you can tell me all about Taft!
Mady: Well, theres not much to tell since you guys killed us at sweet laxin!

Princeton is the New Jersey version of Greenwich.
by anonymous12945738 May 10, 2006

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