A bright and wonderful young woman who is admired and loved by the queen.
Princess #1, #2 and #3 - Jeni, Deb, or Lindsey - but not always in that order.
by The Queen Mary November 11, 2010
Princess and goddess of all seas.
sarah means princess,you just take the "h" and put it in between the "s" and "a".
by shara December 02, 2003
someone who is very charming, lovelt and adorable. she is willing to hang out with anybody not worrying about what would people say...a true princess in and out
i wish i was a princess, but i'm just an ordinary girl.
by Princess_ELLe April 30, 2004
its really ghetto princess an dat trick up top # sevens got to bounce fo sho ne way the meanning is a chick runnin thangs on her block stay'n fly always wit her sisitas
Shaniqu runn'n thangs like a princess fo sho.
by (get-to prin-cess) September 30, 2003
some1 than each day u wake up knowing u get to see her smiling face.Some 1 that would take a takes a lifetime to 4get about.The only person who can make u smile a certain way...*Some1 thats ur shooting star, everything u'd eva wished for Is everythin that she iz*.some1 thats like a plastic rose...beauty neva dies and something ull love 4eva.The first time u saw her, u knew it was true~That u'd love her 4ever and thats what ullll do~she doesn't know what she does to u~she doesn't have a clue~she doesnt know what itz like to be u lookin at her. some1 that ull neva give up on.some 1 that wen everytime u hear her voice u fall in love all over again.some1 that a definition and fully explain.
cess. lol
by LaTiNo+HeAt April 27, 2004
A true Princess is loved by all and should be presented with her own wand and crown to actually reach Princess status (which some princesses in training do not have). She knows that it is all about her and that there are others always out there trying to take her title. Although it is not a requirement she probably is MOUS Certified and knows never to use columns in a document but doesn’t judge those that do. She is kind enough to hang with the lonely and not judge them for not having dates on weekend nights. She is definitely always willing to eat serious nachos and greasy french fries at 3 am .
Princess Fara did not judge Carmen (princess in training ) for her section breaks in her document.

Fara the Princess spent her last night in New Orleans hanging out with little Carmen because she was dateless.
by Princess February 26, 2004
A fine, off tha chain, nice to hang with girl
Im the Princess. ((((OK))))
by Chocolate Princess July 08, 2003

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