an effeminite looking gay guy, a faggot princess, a wrist-dropper, a sissy-queen- usually used in derogatory fashion
Hey guys! Check out the lil princess strolling down the sidewalk! What´s the hurry, sissy-boy?
by luca-boy June 03, 2005
someone who is very charming, lovelt and adorable. she is willing to hang out with anybody not worrying about what would people say...a true princess in and out
i wish i was a princess, but i'm just an ordinary girl.
by Princess_ELLe April 30, 2004
A female, who has no boundaries as to what she will do in the bedroom and performs the task at hand exceptionally well. Further, the Princess is also known for driving across town in the middle of the night to hook up with a specific guy and even possibly his buddies on the request of the first guy. The princess is also known for being in a relationship or married and still “servicing” other men.
“Two buddies talking”
Guy 1: Bro, Jessica came over last night and we hooked up!
Guy 2: Dude she came over to my house last night and we hooked up too!
Guy 1: There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t let me do to her!
Guy 2: Yeah, I know!
Guys 1&2: Jessica is such a PRINCESS!
by EjayM July 18, 2008
Princess and goddess of all seas.
sarah means princess,you just take the "h" and put it in between the "s" and "a".
by shara December 02, 2003
A bright and wonderful young woman who is admired and loved by the queen.
Princess #1, #2 and #3 - Jeni, Deb, or Lindsey - but not always in that order.
by The Queen Mary November 11, 2010
She is no little dummy, and she knows how to make it all about her. Not MOUS certified, but inspired to do so. While others may claim her title, there is only one true princess. The others must remain in waiting and admire her from a far (Kentucky). She doesn't mind hanging with loser girl and is always willing to eat some greasy french fries at midnight.
Carmen is the true princess; Fara is only in waiting.
by Coconut February 26, 2004
some1 than each day u wake up knowing u get to see her smiling face.Some 1 that would take a takes a lifetime to 4get about.The only person who can make u smile a certain way...*Some1 thats ur shooting star, everything u'd eva wished for Is everythin that she iz*.some1 thats like a plastic neva dies and something ull love 4eva.The first time u saw her, u knew it was true~That u'd love her 4ever and thats what ullll do~she doesn't know what she does to u~she doesn't have a clue~she doesnt know what itz like to be u lookin at her. some1 that ull neva give up on.some 1 that wen everytime u hear her voice u fall in love all over again.some1 that a definition and fully explain.
cess. lol
by LaTiNo+HeAt April 27, 2004
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