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1 definition by EjayM

A female, who has no boundaries as to what she will do in the bedroom and performs the task at hand exceptionally well. Further, the Princess is also known for driving across town in the middle of the night to hook up with a specific guy and even possibly his buddies on the request of the first guy. The princess is also known for being in a relationship or married and still “servicing” other men.
“Two buddies talking”
Guy 1: Bro, Jessica came over last night and we hooked up!
Guy 2: Dude she came over to my house last night and we hooked up too!
Guy 1: There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t let me do to her!
Guy 2: Yeah, I know!
Guys 1&2: Jessica is such a PRINCESS!
by EjayM July 18, 2008