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A woman so hideously ugly that the very sight of this creature brings forth a massive and overwhelming sense of revulsion and physical nausea.

Imagine what a pig that lived on the moon would look like.
Apply this model to your intended munter.

NB: Moonpigs are generally clinically obese, and may often be found munching on anything that comes too near and looks like food. Puppies are at extreme risk.
1) That Sonia from Eastenders is such a Moonpig!

2) LOOK AT HER!! What a Moonpig!
by dan258 January 12, 2005
1)Someone who is so intoxicated by alcohol that they are unable to master even the simple act of standing up.
2)The act of becoming so intoxicated by alcohol that the simple act of standing up becomes a mighty challenge.
Last night, he was mash up!


Let's all get mash up!
by dan258 December 08, 2003
1)Small, fluffy creature attracted to the female repoductive gland. Once thre, it stays for a while.
2)A vaginal crust which can be peeled off for a smooth fuck or left on for a rough fuck
1)Look at this vaginal crustation! It turned up last night when I was dancing, and I can't seem to get rid of it!!
2)Will you help me peel off this Vaginal Crustation; Rich is coming over in a bit!
by dan258 December 10, 2003
1)Being slightly over-weight and having a multitude of war stories to tell to anyone who will listen.

2)Any person obsessed with the army

3)A man who is a little bit gay
1)Look at that bastard, he's The Major.

2)Rich: Where's The Major?
Dan: He's gone on army camp with some boys.
Rich: Oh, it's like that, is it? Dirty, dirty army bastard!

3) Stop pinching my arse, you Major!!
by dan258 December 08, 2003
Like a Moonpig, only with stumpier legs and a small, round face. With tiny eyes like Satan's own currants.
1) Look at that Moonpiglet! Hideous!

2) Rebecca Taylor
by dan258 January 12, 2005
Similar to a crack whore, only with a sunnier disposition.
(Coke only please, boys!)
1) Jess is such a princess!

2) Anyone know where I can get me a good princess for the night?

3) Fuck off, im no cheap slag...im a princess!
by dan258 January 12, 2005
1) A man of the meat trade who is sly by nature.
2) A lady's man who has more than one woman on the go at the same time, but keeps this fact to himself through the cunning art of being sneaky.
1) Mr Bloggs the butcher only gave me four and a half pounds of brisket instead of five! That butcher is sneaky!
2) Ben really is a sneaky butcher; you never know where he'll put his meat!
by dan258 December 11, 2003
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