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The business of measuring one's penis with a ruler or tape-measure.
German and other central european penis's can be measured with a 6" ruler as they average 5.3" long (measured on the top surface while erect) but Irish penis's require a 12" ruler as they are typically 6-1/2" or longer.
by Jake February 03, 2004
The measuring of one's generative organs. As coined by UberBagel. The process of measuring ("bacing") must be done with an instrument known as a "kow".

French priapisme, from Late Latin pripismus, from Greek pripismos, from pripizein, to have an erection, from Pripos, Priapus. From Latin metricus, relating to measurement.
"Dude, My priametric reading generated a higher output than yours!"
by Soiled Undergarment November 02, 2003
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