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Pretending to revise;

To open your text book at the topic of study and go somewhere else. To look at your books but learn nothing. To talk to classmates about revising as if you are.

Usually carried out before actual revision.

"How's studying going?" "I've just completed three days of prevision"
by MerchLo January 16, 2012
Noun; compound of prefix 'pre' and noun 'revision'.
A form of panicked revision which takes place in the days and hours before an exam. Good old-fashioned revision becomes prevision when the "revisor" comes across a completely unfamiliar topic their teacher has neglected to mention prior to this point. Hence the student is not revising -revisiting- a subject but frantically trying to learn and revise it all at once.

Verb; To Previse.
1.The night before her maths GCSE Bethany was astounded to find that the Factor Theorem was part of the syllabus. As she was unaware such a Theorem even existed she filled twelve sleepless hours with frantic prevision, which culminated in her sending an abusive email to her maths teacher.

2. Martin: Surely you knew the Baddeley and Godden study would be in the exam?
Beth: If I had I would have prevised it, fool!
by lingopunk October 07, 2010
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