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1. Someone who has an affinity to pretzels and is constantly eating them.

2. Someone who is always trying to mooch pretzels from others to fuel their addiction.

3. Someone craving the sight, smell, touch, and taste of pretzels.
"She is such a pretzel slut!"
"I know, don't you think she gets tired of eating them?"

by s1s1s1s1 February 12, 2009
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1)thieving corrupt bitch that buys pretzels then takes your razberry juice YOU bought (without asking)when you were broke.

2)conniving mooching whore thats been around the whole damn town.

3)hooker that eats shitfulls of cookies while whoring out to the max on the telephone with one of her many pimps everyday.
A:'geez, doesnt she ever get tired of being such a pretzel slut?'

B:'guess not, shes been doing that shit ever since she hit puberty'

C:' yah i know, she has an affinity to her pretzel slut dream, cant stop eating'
by umoomooch February 14, 2009

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