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The correct spelling of the more often used slang version of the word Preppin, which means to store items such as food, water and ammo in preparation of a disaster of any type such as a hurricane, tornado, or economic collapse
Sally was prepping for the hurricane
by TomTheTruckdriver February 04, 2009
(v.) The act of a group of preps when they block off, ignore, or push out someone of the "uncool" or "unpopular" status attempts to enter their group.
1. Uncool guy: *walking towards a gap in the prep group* Hey guys! What's up?

Group: *Group blocks off and ignores him*

2. Uncool guy: *walks into prep group* Hey! Did you guys see that thing on the Discovery channel last night on insects?? That was so cool!

Group: *As he speaks the two people next to him slowly begin prepping him out of the group*

3. Uncool guy: *enter's prep group* Hi Bob!

Bob: *ignores and looks away*
by Pseudoninjayeah October 11, 2009
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