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A night out before the weekend begins, usually on Thursday night.

It's not quite the weekend, but that's no excuse not to party!
On a Thursday night:

Tim: "Hey! Wanna have some drinks tonight?"

Matty: "Why not? It's the Prekend!"
by missepgeezey October 06, 2011
34 13
Thursday is the day before the weekend so therefore is the prekend.
It's the prekend, I"ll drink to that!
by Toontown Girl October 06, 2011
10 4
1)The day preceding the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
"It is the prekend! Friday is tomorrow so the week is almost over! That is a good reason to party!"
by t.fry October 06, 2011
5 9
Drinks and general merriment celebrating and leading up to the weekend! Usually begins Friday any time after noon.
"Wanna drink?" "Why not, it's the prekend!"
by Sherbombs October 06, 2011
2 9