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Preh - (Pronounced Pre)


A word that is commonly used by Canterbury folk to Start or Finish conversations with. Also used as a way of Greeting someone, or wishing them good luck. (Preh-Yeah)
Also widely used as a general word with no meaning which can often pop up in conversation once every ten to twelve words.
Preh can be a chameloen of a word and at times can mean anything from a 'congratulations', to a 'i dont give a fuck'.


Preh is a relatively new founded word, first being used in 2007 as slang for Brrraaapp!

Add ons


Adding yeah onto the end of preh usually signifies a bond or special greeting or farewell between two companions
Dave - "Alright pal, how did things go with that bird?"
Andy - "Yes mate, shagged it rotten"
Dave - "Preh"

Dave - "Pal, talk to me about that slut you banged last night. How did you manage to pull that off?"
Andy - "I sent her a cheeky text asking her if i could **** her tonight.."
Dave - "Preh"
by Can I? March 19, 2009
Short for pretentious hipster.
Friend 1: I can't go to the mall today, I'm going to drink espresso and read Russian literature.
Friend 2. *rolls eyes* Ugh, you are such a preh.
by Izbit June 24, 2011

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