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The hottest, sexiest, most amazing man in the entire universe. Sweet and cute and hyperactive and talanted. He can act, sing his face off, and plays 11 or so instruments. He is the frontman for the popular alternative band, Panic! at the Disco.
Friend 1: Did you go to the Panic! concert last week?
Friend 2: Yeah! Brendon Urie sang the best I've ever heard him!
Friend 3: Who's Brendon Urie?
Friend 2 tackles Friend 3 and punches their nose into a nub.
by Izbit January 01, 2010
Short for pretentious hipster.
Friend 1: I can't go to the mall today, I'm going to drink espresso and read Russian literature.
Friend 2. *rolls eyes* Ugh, you are such a preh.
by Izbit June 24, 2011
Everybody whose ANYBODY knows what mansoup is. If you are in fact, one of the people that does not know, let me explain.

Mansoup, noun.
A hot tub filled with naked men. And, like, hot water of course.

It has been said (and confirmed by a Mr. Brendon Urie) that mansoup is used as a sort of initiation into the Fueled by Ramen family. Pete Wentz held a mansoup party at his home with the members (no pun intended) of Panic! at the Disco.

Oh how the fangirls squealed.
Oh God, how hot would a mansoup with Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross and Johnny Depp be?
by Izbit May 16, 2010
The confusion of a straight person's sexual preference that is brought forth by an incredibly attractive person of the same sex.
Boy 1: Dude, he is so hot.
Boy 2: .....you have a girlfriend.
Boy 1: I know but just look at him!
Boy 2: *rolls eyes* Wentzian Sexual Identity Crisis?
Boy 1: Seems like it.
by Izbit July 05, 2011
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