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Someone who pursues a member of the opposite sex 'underground' through texting or facebook messaging with the sole intention of bangin her when the weekend arrives. (Also known as 'laying the foundations' or 'doing the ground work') The 'Sewer Rat' often keeps their texting secret from their friends, hence the word 'sewer' to describe the 'underground' nature of the work. When the weekend comes the sewer rat surfaces. It is often a suprise when the 'sewer ratters' mates see the ratter with his target due to the secretive nature of his actions in the build up to the night out. The 'pre-ratting' usually occurs during the working week before friday and can continue right up to the moment the ratter smells the rat inside the pub or the club they are both going to.

Origins: Derives from the verb: 'To Rat/To Rat on' - To seriously go after a female with the purpose of pulling them.
Dan: Dave pal, wheres Andy gone? He was here just now.
Dave: He's been with that bird all night, apparently he's been texting her all week. Think she's going back to his house.
Dan: He kept that quiet! He's such a sewer rat!
by Can I? April 01, 2009
Preh - (Pronounced Pre)


A word that is commonly used by Canterbury folk to Start or Finish conversations with. Also used as a way of Greeting someone, or wishing them good luck. (Preh-Yeah)
Also widely used as a general word with no meaning which can often pop up in conversation once every ten to twelve words.
Preh can be a chameloen of a word and at times can mean anything from a 'congratulations', to a 'i dont give a fuck'.


Preh is a relatively new founded word, first being used in 2007 as slang for Brrraaapp!

Add ons


Adding yeah onto the end of preh usually signifies a bond or special greeting or farewell between two companions
Dave - "Alright pal, how did things go with that bird?"
Andy - "Yes mate, shagged it rotten"
Dave - "Preh"

Dave - "Pal, talk to me about that slut you banged last night. How did you manage to pull that off?"
Andy - "I sent her a cheeky text asking her if i could **** her tonight.."
Dave - "Preh"
by Can I? March 19, 2009
To get extremely drunk, in an extremely short space of time.

Origins: Comes from the two words; 'Quickly' and 'Para' (Paraletic) to form the new word Quara. (Qu-ara)

(Pronounced: 'Qwa-ra')
Andy: Dan blud, I'm in Sainsburys, how much vodka do you want me to get for us before we go out?
Dan: I don't know mate, how much do you think?
Andy: Litre n a half? Not a problem.
Dan: Pal, we are guna be quara.

Andy: Last night was fuckin quality pal.
Dave: Yeah I know, proper glad walsh came out in the end.
Andy: I swear so many birds wanted it last night.
Dave: I don't think they did pal, think you were just quara.
by Can I? April 01, 2009

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