The most common STD.
Person: Is pregnancy an STD?
Me: Yes, it is.
by monorail September 04, 2006
to be pregnant, to be in bad shit. as in, give-up-your-hopes-and-dreams-you-sorry-fuck-this-means-game-over bad shit.
"let's not talk about pregnancy. that could never happen to us."
"i'm pregnant."
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
The most common sexually transmitted disease known to man.
Jill: I had sex with a male prostitute and caught pregnancy...again...
by BrooksB December 23, 2006
every man's greatest fear.
shit man, my gf got pregnant! that's an unexpected pregnancy...
by Y-Lime Onepannn April 05, 2009
The female condition of being up the duff. The strongest argument for not being female in the battle of the sexes, mostly due to the pain caused by a child SPLITTING YOUR VAGINA IN SEVERAL PLACES AND MAKING YOU BLEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry mum.
She's in a state of pregnancy! She's up the duff! She's going to be in a helluva lot of pain in like 8 months 3 days! Better her than me. Thank you God, for bestowing upon me a boabie and not a bitch wrinkle.
by Fox JK January 21, 2009
When a man's stomach protrudes so prominently, yet the rest of him is relatively thin, he resembles a 6 month+ pregnant woman
bro, check out that dudes pregnancy
by calijjandt May 10, 2009
See penis
by penis October 05, 2003

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