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A dictionary on the internet, à la "Urban Dictionary" or "Dictionary.com."
OfficeWorker1: Where did my paper-based dictionary go?
OfficeWorker2: Just go to an e-dictionary and look it up.
by pliz October 07, 2003
When people listen to what they play on the radio so much that they begin to believe life is really a big party, that every nizzle carries a gun. They all talk, but they've got nothing to say.
top hit lists, 50 cent, britney spears
by pliz October 07, 2003
If you have to come here to figure out what this word means, I hope your girlfriend never becomes it.
PregnantGirl: My boyfriend stuck his pizzle in my vizzle and now I'm in a state of pregnancy.
by pliz October 07, 2003
From the poorly translated game "Zero Wing." The best context to fit this phrase in is for online gaming, such as Unreal Tournament Capture the Flag, or Counter-Strike.
This is for when you're pwning some team badly.
Loser: Damnit, they scored again!
Winner: HAHA, all your base are belong to us!
by pliz October 07, 2003

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