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A small attachement to a word to change it's meaning
Word:Marine (sea, ocean, water)
Prefix:Sub-(Definition= under)
Submarine= under water
by A1235 June 10, 2010
an addition that is added to the beginning of a word to give it a different meaning
add-word-to join 2 sums together
+ re-prefix- again = readd-modified word - to join 2 sums together again
by zach johnson May 09, 2008
When, prior to consulting a professional, an unskilled moron tries to fix a partially broken item, but instead renders it completely useless in the process.
I prefixed my bike chain with some dish soap and a hair pin before taking it to the shop.
by Blue Jay Scott December 27, 2009
The act of completly destroying a partially broken/damaged object before calling in a professional.
"I was at my bud's and I saw him prefix his T.V."

"Sucks for him."
by Repair man July 20, 2008
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