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Preep: Verb. To creep someone on Social Media prior to a first meeting in order to gain intelligence; To prep by creeping on social media ahead of time. Synonym: Prepare, Reconnaissance
I'm preeping this girl I'm going out with Friday.

Hey, preep her first before you actually hang out. See if she knows anyone you know.
by JpBadd August 25, 2011
7 4
The somewhat creepy individuals amongst your group of friends.
I'm hangin' with my preeps this weekend. What's up my preeps!
by Symnym.com October 05, 2010
0 0
the male expulsion of gas via the penis
Tom preeped extra hard on thursdays
by Alex July 31, 2004
18 18
where if you are an overweight man with sideburns listening to funny music
fat sideburns
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
7 14