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When your dumb azz makes a whole lot of money but still participates in stupid nonsense that makes your employer or sponsor have to suspend you indefinitely without pay until they figure out to do with your brand of ignorance.

Recent Examples: Gilbert Arenas, Charlie Sheen, Tiger Woods
Gilbert Arenas brought guns to the Verizon Center and has been PRE-FIRED by Stern for being so dumb.
by CreoleInDC January 06, 2010
A phenomenon unique to the current recession in which a person is first told that they have a new job, but then are told that the job is being eliminated prior to their start date. Basically, you are fired before you can even start the job.
Joan: "It was nice working with you. I'm outta here as of Friday."

Sue: "Wait a minute! I know your current position is being eliminated, but I thought they were going to shift you over to that new spot in Advertising."

Joan: "They just told me the Advertising spot is being eliminated, too. I've been pre-fired."
by Wall-Street Strangler April 19, 2009

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