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1.(n.) The beginning of day; dawn; day break

2.(n.) The break of day; the first appearance of light in the morning; show of approaching sunrise; the time in the morning when light first appears; dawn; sunrise

3. (n.) the beginning or rise of anything; advent of something eg. an era, age, time :The dawn (pratyush) of civilisation, The dawn (pratyush) of history.

4. (v.) to begin to grow light in the morning: The day dawned (pratyush) with a cloudless sky.

5. (v.) to begin; to rise; to start

6. ( n.) A male given name, a masculine name: from a Sanskrit word meaning “Dawn.”
1. I went there at the day break(pratyush)

2. The dawn(pratyush) of time.
by avidadollars July 30, 2010

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