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good looking spacker, but arrogant, usually quite short and wears braces, and goes to Bolton.
This kid is usually also rich, and has rich parents, and a cute little sister, but is a bit of an asshole, and thinks he's god but not god's gift
Pranjal: Heyyy gurlfrend how you doing
Girl 1: yoo mate, get a life 101
by Pranjals BFFFF 4eva! July 28, 2009
28 24
Short person that hails from the Indian sub-continent. A sexual deviant that struggles to contain his urges, usually seen lurking around the Lostock area, but currently on an 8 week break in Cambridge.

Usually extremely arrogant, almost reaches Hitler levels of Hubris, especially when it comes to the female kind, who generally consider him as a 'gay best friend', and use him for his sickly green Fiesta.
That guy is such a 'Pranjal'.

Who's that 'Pranjal' over there?
by Sue Denim with Denim Sue October 16, 2011
7 11