A stroller; A carrier for an infant
The baby's mum put her in a pram so that she would go to sleep.
by Zoe Entropy March 30, 2006
Acronym for Pornagraphic Random Access Memory.
Unlike standard DRAM, or SDRAM which is the memory used in computers.
PRAM Is memory specifically used in electronic devices such as IPOD's, Blackberrys, etc
Dude, I gotta go pick up some more PRAM for my Blackberry so I can run that Pam Anderson video
by FOJ123 January 16, 2009
A hairy creature,thought to be found in the deep reaches of the amazon.It has never be seen, but many explorers and wildlife experts have come across its droppings excreted near banana plantations and Marshmallow factories. Those who have had the luxury of seeing it describe it as a mix between a wombat and an asian elephant with great wide blue trunks to scoop up banana skins for food. It answers to the call of the diggeridoo. In New Zealand, a pram is a greeting used when you first meet someone who has particularly distinct features.
eg. Hey you pram, you look awful familiar.

Hello pram, where did you get your nose job?
by sinthu October 28, 2004
Noun. Amalgam of 'Prick' and 'Bam' (see Bam).
Your pal's a fucking PRAM!
by skirtlifter January 11, 2005
OMG eric is such a pram
by TH9091 December 12, 2007

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