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Powerbomb , the act of jumping from high heights in a attempt to perform anal sex.

Powerbomber - A person who has blatant disregard for and denial of heterosexual feelings , most likely to cover up underlying homosexual urges.

"Also known as "Brosef"

Known to have lame comebacks.

Powerbombed - A random groping by physician unrelated to medical procedures.
Jim"Hey Mark what are you doing tonight?"
Mark"I dont know , can I powerbomb you?"
Jim"No my ass still hurts from last nights powerbomb!"

John "Hey look at those hot girls on that car over there"
Mark "Those chicks are ugly, and there blocking my view of a GTO "
John "Ok powerbomber."

Mark" my doctor touches my weiner"
John "thats not supposed to happen , he's powerbombing you!"
by Powerbmb4life August 06, 2010
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