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the game that fucking ownz you all. most people click around randomly not knowing what the hell they are doing and quit in 2 seconds when they don't realize the true 1337ness of the game.
*computer class* Fuck this assignment i'm playing minesweeper bitches
by Legenocide October 26, 2004
an object to create pornography
John: yo paul i got a camera!
Paul: sweet let's film some porn!
by Legenocide October 09, 2005
The result of a company fusion between Taco Bell and Google. It is predicted that if these companies merge, Google Bell will take over the world.
Zayne: yo man where do you work?
Travis: i'm a google bell employee
Zayne: holy... dude... you're my god...
by Legenocide October 10, 2005
the drink were the cheap ass owners ripped off 99% of gatorade's name and flavor and called it their own.
lets take gatorade change its name add 1 flavor and call it our own bitches
by Legenocide October 27, 2004
The act of inducing sexual intercourse.
John: Hey wanna tree?
Katie: Hell yea!
by Legenocide February 14, 2005
The common urbandictionary.com user
John: why don't you use dictionary.com?
Shane: well, according to the urbanites, it's for nerds.
by Legenocide October 18, 2005
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