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Similar to a power nap: maximum benefit from minimum time. Reducing the number of minutes required to satisfy your girlfriend's post-sex cuddle demands.
Dude! I am getting great at the power cuddle! I got out of her place in, like six minutes last night!
by Rilla907 September 14, 2009
Nondescript ter for whatever might be happening behind closed doors. Used to avoid awkwardness.
Sorry, I didn't mean to walk in on you mid- powercuddle.
by Sara Bergman September 04, 2005
Intense, all night cuddling, often spooning or face to face cuddling.
Let's power cuddle and fall asleep in each other's arms.
by sky f April 03, 2008
while girls prefer cuddling, men prefer power cuddling. Power cuddling is everything cuddling is with the addition of hooking up at the same time
Girl: "I love cuddling"
Guy: "Why cuddle when we can power cuddle?!"
Girl: "You're always right"
by alwaysright1 February 07, 2012
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