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better than a high five. two people both call something, they pound it. fist together.
"told ya the cops would come"
-"yup... pound it"
by sloth September 01, 2004
Used to express joy after something good happens. By pounding fists together with a friend.
Yo, kyle. That girl is banging. Werd, Cody. POUND IT.
by Cody Tite May 23, 2005
A gesture used by bros to express that something is awesome, badass, or similar adjectives. Can also be used as a greeting, farewell, goodluck, congratulation or a symbol of appreciation.
Person one: "Wassup Bro"
Person two: "Sup. Pound it"
*Persons one and two pound it*

Person one: "Dude, I got laid last night"
Person two: "Sweet dude, pound it"
*Persons one and two pound it*

Person one: "Hey man, I got us some dope to smoke"
Person two: "Fuckin right man, pound it"
*Persons one and two pound it*

by Dresryche May 24, 2008
1. The male testosteronic "high-five"

2. The symbol of an unbreakable pact or promise
1. "Yo you get with her last night, bro? POUND IT!"

2. I can't leave him hangin' tonight, I pounded it.
by DrinkH20 July 17, 2009
to make a fist and get someone else to do it as well, but your fist together and say 'pund it!'
Nicholle; hey lyric
lyric; yeah nicholle
* makes a fist*
nicholle; pound it!
lyric; duude
*makes a fist*
*puts knuckles together*
lyric & nicholle; yeaah!
by lYRIC.x3 December 02, 2007
it's when to fists hit then afterwords you exchange penis's in the ear.
Pound it Biotch!!! PENiS iN YO EAO!!!
by R. Parikh October 10, 2004
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