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1. French term for chicken.

2. Slang for prostitue; slang for whore.

3. A person unliked by many because they dress revealing

4. Insult to a female
1. "What a freaking poulet!"

2. "Hey, poulet, wanna have some fun?"
by rrryannn February 10, 2010
(pronounced "poo-lay") french equivalent of 'pig' when reffering to a police officer
'some fucking poulet pulled me over last night'
'hey guys, watch out!! poulet!!'
by garry carling May 22, 2008
Poulet is the French word for chicken like you said but the corect grammatical artical is : "un poulet" and not "une poulet" ...
Je vais manger du poulet ce midi.
by Thiouz July 08, 2006
means chicken in french.
someone who eats teriyaki chicken all the time, and starts to look like one.
someone who also forgets things the very next day.

synonym: slut
bonjour poulet.
u r so poulet.
by jellibean December 14, 2003
sometimes seen as the french word for chicken
its more under ground eaning means a beautiful girl who does to chestnut grove who may or may not be perfect and thinks that everyone loves her...

polly: hi yaz
yazzthespaz: suuup poulet???
by miss polly poulet! May 06, 2007
A strange Canadian dish consisting of french fries and gravy.
I'll take a bacon cheeseburger, and, uhhhhh. .. . oh yeah! Some Poulet!
by gunshow February 09, 2005

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