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one who flaunts one's abnormally bulging musculature for his own entertainment and for the annoyance of others lacking.
Hey, can I get tickets?

To what?

The gun show!!!
by gunshow December 15, 2004
AP English is simply a front, it is not difficult only time consuming, designed to direct young dumb seniors into a more difficult class lacking composition, all is simply boring, repetitive, mindless grammar.
Dude! You're in AP English! That sucks!

Yeah, (poor bastard.)
by gunshow December 15, 2004
A group of fat, lazy, unintelligent, uninformed extreme right-wing conservatives overly concerned with pointless social issues and ignorantly blissful of the truly important matters at hand that could actually affect our lives.
-Class, explain to me the class structure of ancient rome.

-uhhhhh. . . Jesus?

-well, close enough.
by gunshow January 20, 2005
A used towel, discovered when an unsuspecting wet person reaches for it and dries his face in what feels and smells like ass.
I took two showers today, I got burned on an ass towel.
by gunshow February 11, 2005
One possessing no admirable qualities whatsoever, showing no motivation towards physical or mental strain and displaying intense apethy towards progress.
Look at that fat nasty bag of ass, work his shit over and get back to me.
by gunshow February 07, 2005
A failsafe phrase used to avoid filling a difficult request.
Hey, what about those W-2s?

Just put it in the bin.
by gunshow February 11, 2005
Miles beyond an ass kicking, to slap someone's shit is a field day of stomping.
Who redefined my definition!?! I'm gonna slap his shit!

He calls himself "not gunshow!?!" What a douchebag! That motherfucker called me a liberal! I'm gonna slap his shit
by gunshow February 11, 2005
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