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12 definitions by ELyse

Rolling On Laughing Floor
THe floor is laughing while we are rolling on it
by ELyse November 05, 2004
fruits who dont own going out clothes
i want to give head to B1
by ELyse October 30, 2004
Apu Nahosapeenapetalon or however u spell it , is the sex

-Thank you come again
-no i dont eat anything that comes from an animal
- i cant believe u dont shutup!
- this is a kwikimart.. not a library!
- who needs the kwiki mart.. i .. doooo
by ELyse October 22, 2004
the ghetto of adelaide
yo yo yo! youz be up in da shiznit dawg
by ELyse October 22, 2004
When good things are coming your way.
It's money time playa!
by Elyse February 04, 2005
Someone who is exactly like you.
You feel a connection to beacuse they do the same things as you or like similar things.
Example: ohh look they look like kindered spirit beacuse they are wearing..doing...listening too
by Elyse April 23, 2005