Watching/having porno playing in the background, while engaging in fornication.
Me and my girl got wrapped up in some pornication.
by Aaron Force 1 June 15, 2011
Top Definition
the act comminted by a man who after years of using the same porn site to jack off over suddenly changes his mind one day and uses another site. the enxt time he needs to wank however he goes back to the old site as if nothing has happened.
i'm bored of monster cocks website, today i think i'll do a bit of pornication
by Gary Cherone June 20, 2006
The act of making your own porn.
A mixture of pornography & fornication.

As a verb you could use pornicate.
Performing the act is pornicating.
We couldn't answer the door because we were in the middle of some serious pornication.
by SillyPsyche July 30, 2009
The attempt of a porn watchee to fornicate with whichever electronic device he/she is using to watch porn.
Billy can no longer see whats on his computer screen due to his multiple acts of pornication.
by Erik Villoria May 22, 2007
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