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Porange is a pronoun, used to describe a piece (or pieces) of hair growing where hair does not normally grow. Also referrs to the appearance of one hair which grows longer and faster than its surrounding follicle mates.
Is also the original word rhyming with orange.
Any occurance of seemingly misplaced or oddly fast growing hair (or hairs).
NOTE: Mole hair does not count.
by Brit Abbott and Ryan Guthrie February 03, 2005
Porn using oranges.
The slow peeling of an orange in a sexual way.

2) Porn sacreation
Ted: "Hey bob!"
Bob: "Yea ted?"
Ted: "I found this awesome Porange site!"
Bob: "Are you serious?"
Ted: "Hell yea!"
#porn #orange #sex #naked #peeling
by BriBriBria August 28, 2006
A word that rhymes with orange.
"Dude, what rhymes with orange?"
"Porange! :)"
#porange #orange #nothing #rhymes #with
by ASHLEYAYMAZING July 10, 2008
Adjective. Pinkish-orange; a skin tone that is a hue somewhere between pink and orange.
House Minority Leader John Boehner uses tan-in-a-can, giving his skin the most peculiar shade of porange.
#john boehner #john boener #john boner #john baner #jon boehner #jon boener #jon boner #jon baner
by Dusty_Glenn August 29, 2009
A color that is right in the middle of pink and orange making it indistinguishable.
Marcel ''Dude is that jumper pink or orange?''
Roger ''Neither Dude, its porange''
Marcel ''ooooooooh''
#color #middle #pink #orange #indistinguishable
by FishMonster July 06, 2011
The color a woman appears after applying excessive amounts of make up. Commonly seen with high-school girls and adult film stars.
"Look at her, she's porange!" and/or "She has some porange on her shirt."
#porn #orange #adult film star #high school #make-up
by nothejealoustype April 04, 2007
word used to describe the airbrushed skin tone of adult material
The centerfold of this months Hustler looked very porange. Either she went too har with the self tan, or Larry Flint has a cheap photo shop
#self tan #photo shop #porn #orange skin #air brush
by big pick January 25, 2010
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