A color found in many 70's porn movies.
Debbie: What color should we make this room?
Dick: Porange, of course.
by John Holmes on Baker street January 01, 2010
(adj.)- meaning to have a certain steez about you

(v.)- to act in such a manner that exclusively attracts others of a porangeous nature
Marty: gee wiz Bertha, take a gander at Ricky

Bertha: golly gee Marty! That boy sure has porange

Marty: yeah I wish I could be as porangeous as him, he gets all the hot babes

Bertha: ...
by mike hawk II November 22, 2011
Kelvindale (Glasgow, Scotland) slang forPorridge which appears orange, esp. when mixed with Irn-Bru
'Gosh, after ingesting all that porange i think i might have the onset of Pulmonary Edema'.
by magnvs iacobvs March 17, 2009
Por-an-ge(rhymes with orange)
Substance that has recently been filled with holes.
He was nothin' but porange once the G-Unit took care of him.
by BoB a January 23, 2007
a mixture of peach and orange juice
porange is tasty and delicious
by Christwenty2 November 16, 2006
A colour that is a mix between purple and orange.
The colour of rainbows, unicorns and dreams.
"Dude what happens when you mix purple and orange?"
by vanstheman April 25, 2010
Of or relating to words rhyming with orange.
Poets have a hard time incorporating orange into their works, for there is a lack of porange in the english language.
by Wordy Worderson October 12, 2009

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