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A person who wins lots of stuff off the radio. Mostly movie tickets, and more often than not a few major prizes. Also another word for "Sex god who has incredible stamina"
OMG! He is so PoPEy
by James Pope May 03, 2004

1) Thinking that one's mere presence makes a situation better.
2) Using language rather than action to make changes, or to express a biased opinion.

**Refer to: the Pope in political and religious situations.**
1)Girl: Jon is such a jerk! He thinks the party only starts once he has arrived.

Guy: Yeah, sometimes he can be kinda popey.

2)Guy: Sally, you need to fix your life by beginning a dialogue with your enemies at school.

Sally: Considering they just gave me a black eye, that is the popiest advice I have ever heard!
by saltyblueocean May 11, 2009
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