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One of the ways a guinea pig shows his/her excitment/affection. Basically they jump around in little hops and twists. Like popcorn when its cooking.
Me: aaw! my guinea pig liked her tunnel toy so much, she was popcorning around the entire cage!
by iViva la gloria! September 30, 2009
Inserting kernels of uncooked popcorn into one's anus and using body heat to make them explode, thus feeling tremendous
look how uncomfortably he's sitting, i bet he's popcorning right now
by billy_wizz November 11, 2011
When you like alot of people and your just jumping around talking or flirting with them.basicly it means you have no clue who you want and your just POPCORNING around seeing who fits your needs
So hows your love life??are you popcorning around
by Assatopolis September 07, 2009

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