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The spectacular sequel to the blockbuster hit Zoolander. In this film jewish Ben Stiller plays Zoolander, who is a model. In this film, Zoolander models Kippahs and Tzizits over skin-tight, leather body suits.
Guy 1: Have you seen Jewlander yet?
Guy 2: Have I? That movie is Jewtastic!
by GodsInfantry June 15, 2010
Smoking a bowl of West Dallas weed called 'Popcorn' then popping and eating a bag of buttery, salty, popcorn.
Guy 1: Hey man, you wanna hang tonight? It's Popcorn with Popcorn night!
Guy 2: Sounds delicious!
by GodsInfantry June 10, 2010
The act of waking up, smoking herb, and going for a swim.

The purpose of this is to calm you down and relax you. The preferred time for this event is 7-8AM, because it won't be too hot. This can be done alone, or in a small group of no more than 5. Too many people would ruin the relaxed environment. It is acceptable to be in a hot tub instead. It is also acceptable to be nude.
Guy 1: *yawn* Hey last night was great, babe.

Girl 1: You're telling me.
Guy 1: Let's go smoke a bowl by the pool then go in the hot tub.
Girl 1: I'm up for a Wake, Bake, and Wade.
by GodsInfantry August 18, 2010
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