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A term referring to a particular kind of showy muscular physique that conveys a fallacious impression of physical strength or toughness with regard to its bearer; muscles that are "just for show."
Brandon Marshall: "(Joey Porter) is one of those guys who all of those muscles are popcorn muscles. He's soft."
Joey "Peezy" Porter: "Nope (I don't know what popcorn muscles are). I know Orville Redenbacher. I know popcorn."
by wakka_wakka November 06, 2008
Muscles that are used for look or for show.

Fake looking muscles that are used to get a lot of chicks.
Billy and Wilson both got them Popcorn Muscles they show off in the clubs of Springfield.
by truckstick55 December 19, 2008
Muscles that are made just for show; muscles that are fake, mostly to impress or intimidate others
I saw Billy and Wilson dancing in the clubs of Springfield showing off them popcorn muscles.
by coffeemug12 November 19, 2008
A swole motherfucker that softer than paper panties
Hercule Satan (Dragonball Z) thinks he's the shit but he's really just a popcorn muscles having little bitch.
by The Notorious N.I.G. June 02, 2011
When your muscles are big and strong but you don't know how to use them.
"All those muscles are popcorn muscles, he's soft."
-Brandon Marshall on Joey Porter
by ninedeuce November 06, 2008
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