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Muscles that are made just for show; muscles that are fake, mostly to impress or intimidate others
I saw Billy and Wilson dancing in the clubs of Springfield showing off them popcorn muscles.
by coffeemug12 November 19, 2008
16 6
A term referring to a particular kind of showy muscular physique that conveys a fallacious impression of physical strength or toughness with regard to its bearer; muscles that are "just for show."
Brandon Marshall: "(Joey Porter) is one of those guys who all of those muscles are popcorn muscles. He's soft."
Joey "Peezy" Porter: "Nope (I don't know what popcorn muscles are). I know Orville Redenbacher. I know popcorn."
by wakka_wakka November 06, 2008
71 13
Muscles that are used for look or for show.

Fake looking muscles that are used to get a lot of chicks.
Billy and Wilson both got them Popcorn Muscles they show off in the clubs of Springfield.
by truckstick55 December 19, 2008
31 17
A swole motherfucker that softer than paper panties
Hercule Satan (Dragonball Z) thinks he's the shit but he's really just a popcorn muscles having little bitch.
by The Notorious N.I.G. June 02, 2011
6 4
A weak bodypart.

Will Waterman has popcorn muscles and a popcorn knee.
by JC Chaze January 20, 2009
5 16
When your muscles are big and strong but you don't know how to use them.
"All those muscles are popcorn muscles, he's soft."
-Brandon Marshall on Joey Porter
by ninedeuce November 06, 2008
6 19