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Noun. Pronounced POO-tahn. A shitload of trouble. Major notgoodness.
Dude, you just got us into major pooton.
by William Dean A. Garner April 30, 2011
n. a particle of feces suspended in the air which produces a foul smell resulting from flatulance or defecation.
1. Wow, those pootons are still trapped inside the car after we left it for an hour; it sure does stink in here.
2. Much like a particle of light is a photon, a particle of poop is a pooton.
by codephanie February 13, 2014
A crispy-ass hoe who sleeps with people in nightclub toilets
Girl 1: This party is bangin'!
Girl 2: Ew, look at that girl heading to the toilets, what a Pooton!!!!!!
by poloswag May 06, 2014
n. - An unwanted piece of processed food (usually something mexican). That has attached itself to your also unwanted hair around your anus.
After my spicy bean wrap, I spent most the night pickin' Pootons out from between my cheeks.
by Cory Sawatzki May 30, 2007
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