Polar Opposite Of Stereo Types
Somebody who is complete different from their steroypes.
Like for example an Asian who acts completely white.
Or a White guy who acts like a gangster
Or a Black guy who acts white
Guy 1"Dude that Asin so white! He's nothing like an steroytypical Asian."
Guy 2"Yeah what a twinkie."
Asian Poost "Hey I find that word offensive."
Guy 1" So what should we call you then?'
Asian Poost "P.O.O.S.T"

Another example
Guy 1 "God I hate that white kid who acts like a gangster wannabe."
Guy 2 "I know! He's such a P.O.O.S.T"
by Zero0000 May 04, 2007
Top Definition
1. When a person is so full from eating that they are unable to move or do anything. This is commonly done on Thanksgiving. 2. When a person is sitting or lying around doing nothing and is stricken with complete and utter boredom. This usage of the word is highly prevalent in Duluth Minnesota.
1. I'm so full and sleepy from eating all that turkey, I think I need to lay down and poost for a couple hours. 2. God I'm bored, I've been poosting around my house all day!
by poostypat June 02, 2010
The shortened form of the word "Poosta." Used when...when it just feels right.
1. "Hey man, I heard you banged my mom at that party last week!" "Yeah, haha, I poosted the poost outta her."

2. "Sorry, Harvey, but you do, in fact have thyroid cancer. Additionally, you are deaf now for reasons unbeknownst to modern medical science." "Aw, poost."
by Alex Leon December 07, 2010
To gently blow on a beverage or food item that is too hot to eat.
person sips hot chocolate and burns tongue
"Oh it's too hot, I'll just poost on it."
by MaizDaiz5 May 10, 2010
A post on a forum that is utter crap (poo).
I knew Jack was truly a pooster when I saw his latest poost on our forum
by Squidburger September 17, 2008
the act of pissing out of your ass.
"Today I couldn't make it to the bathroom and I poosted my pants."
by pirt dept. September 13, 2006

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