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*NOT* a form of undergarments.
Pooshy is an emotional state, an indescribable feeling of happiness where all you are able to do is smile and simple respond with saying/going "awwww! :)"
Awwww! That makes me feel so pooshy and special!
by mwarhar! April 19, 2011
Terrible tasting sushi.
My girlfriend got a book on making sushi. Tried making some rolls, tasted like total pooshy.
by Bumblebee Man_85 January 12, 2012
A mix between panties and tooshy, underpants that are panties and go on your tush.
Look at my awesome pooshy! I got it at Victoria's Secret!

Wow! Your lace pooshy is so hott!
by Poichi January 13, 2010
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