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Pornography of poor quality.
Billy: Have you seen the sex tape Jules made with her boyfriend?
Frank: Yeah ive watched it a few times but the file is bad quality and you cant see much.
Billy: Hmm thats true. Compared with most of my stash its poornography.
by Scott321 January 31, 2008
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Images of less than fortunates which , when viewed by the mega-rich upper classes , enhances their sense of superiority . When viewed by those of the less than fortunate classes , enhances their sense of shame , anger and rage , especially when they are aware that the same images enhance the sense of superiority experienced by the mega-rich upper classes .
1 ) 'Does the Royal Family like Poornography ?' Poornography is everywhere and Jasper Joffe ponders whether it is now enjoyed in the highest echelons of society. Joffe explores the concept of poornography and ponders whether even HRH the Queenie is a fan of what he terms 'hard coeur poorn'. ( ref : sartorialart )
2 ) Mr. Dunphy, Your column on feb. 2, 2007 about Darlene is a classic example of poornography. It's a form (of) exploitation which occurs when someone in the news media makes the details of the life and problems of one person who lives in poverty the focus of their story. (ref : Hamilton Spectator - The Poverty Project )
by FrankLloydReich June 26, 2011
Pornography made with an extremely low budget. Known for having lower casting standards than normal pornography, which leads to clumsy sex scenes and acting that fails to meet even the abysmal standards of normal pornography. Also tends to be shaky, as it is often shot with a hand-held camcorder instead of a movie camera on a tripod. Not to be confused with amateur porno, as poornography is produced to be sold or distributed via websites and uses paid actors.
Joe: Man, I was watching "Dollar a Dozen" last night. That's some pretty awesome porno.
Bob: Dude, it's total poornography. They spent, like, three bucks making that.
by lead_poisoning717 October 08, 2009
Grainy,lousy,pornographic video or pictures
dammit,I thought that was gonna be a hot flick judging by the cover.But,unfortunately it was just another instance of poornography
by murdox August 12, 2011

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