Curse commonly used at CAFN server when one accidently blows oneself to bits with a frag nade.
by [Dope]SirRobHiFi July 28, 2003
Top Definition
When you perform anal sex on a woman (or man I guess) and you let your cock sit there in her ass for a few minutes. After you think enough she is relaxed you pull out real quick releasing the poopsnake, thus embarrasing the stupid ho.
I gave Laura the poop snake last night, she crapped all over herself.
by Spider Man January 05, 2004
Hammer is a poopsnake ... and also a n00b.
by fyrephlie July 28, 2003
Squeezed fresh from the penis of a fudge packer, this effluent is part shit, part semen and is wrung out of said packers' urethra.
that douchebag wrung out his poop snake in front of us and it looked like a huge blackhead squeezed off of some kids forehead
by codyallen January 29, 2009
A slender turd similar in shape and size to that of a snake.
After noticing MCHammer camping people for extended periods of time, Ice thought he was quite the poopsnake.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
A long, soft , excrement that leaves streaks as it goes down the toilet.
I just let out some poop snakes in the bathroom. Watch out for their trails!
by Dingle Berries November 11, 2007
a poop snake is a masterful creature from within the bowl of every soulless gingers cannot be defeated or destroyed..not even with the pythagorean theorem. ever.
yo that poop snake was running wild like wayne brady choking bitches ! he even tried to easy bake oven that bitch !
by Josefffff January 29, 2011
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