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1. A most wonderous, desirable place of mutual happiness and affection. Frequented often by amiable, pleasant well-mannered gentlemen.

2. A pathetic cesspool of loathsome, foul, pitiful excuses for human beings. A squalid wasteland inhabited by repulsive freaks.
Some say that when you take a shit, it goes through the pipes and eventually ends up in Tallon Zek Times.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
A slender turd similar in shape and size to that of a snake.
After noticing MCHammer camping people for extended periods of time, Ice thought he was quite the poopsnake.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
1. Totally awesome and intelligent. Smart super cool and friendly. Humorous affable and flamboyant. Excellent terrific and stupendous all in one. Truly marvelous and grand by any standard.

2. A small region in Mississippi
Dude, that Metallica concert was SO sorsisis. Thrice sucks balls.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
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