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3 definitions by SearyxZek

1. A most wonderous, desirable place of mutual happiness and affection. Frequented often by amiable, pleasant well-mannered gentlemen.

2. A pathetic cesspool of loathsome, foul, pitiful excuses for human beings. A squalid wasteland inhabited by repulsive freaks.
Some say that when you take a shit, it goes through the pipes and eventually ends up in Tallon Zek Times.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
40 6
A slender turd similar in shape and size to that of a snake.
After noticing MCHammer camping people for extended periods of time, Ice thought he was quite the poopsnake.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
10 7
1. Totally awesome and intelligent. Smart super cool and friendly. Humorous affable and flamboyant. Excellent terrific and stupendous all in one. Truly marvelous and grand by any standard.

2. A small region in Mississippi
Dude, that Metallica concert was SO sorsisis. Thrice sucks balls.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
1 4