A great girl who is really pretty and good at everythng she does. Every guy that sees her will be like woah shes such an ester . A person who is very hot beautiful and the nicest person you have ever met. Can be a bit bitchy sometimes but only for a good reason.
Guy1:Woah, hey did you see that Hayley chick shes such an ester.

Guy2: Yeah i reckon aye.
by Chaddy 7822 July 13, 2010
An absolutely breath-taking female; usually has a medium to dark skin tone and black hair, but can have any tone and hair color. Very funny, will definitely make you smile and laugh every time you speak. Most of the time,she won't take anything seriously...but when she knows it's serious, she will be right there by your side. Overall, amazing.
Person 1: ''Dude, have you seen Ester?''
Person 2: ''Yeah, man! I'd definitely tap that ass.''
Person 1: ''Hey, hey, wouldn't we all? But damn, her personality...mm.''
Person 2: ''Yeah, she's like, perfect.''
by gayesterofthemall December 29, 2013
To say when everyone has used up the words more, most, -est, and -er. You add -ester to any word (mostester, gayester, etc.). Very helpful because the person your arguing with will have no idea how to respond to that.
Person 1: Your gay!
Person 2: Your gayer!
Person 1: Your gayest!
Person 2: Your gay-ester!
^clearly person 2 wins^
by Luelly May 15, 2006
Alright it's the slang term for poliester poliester is the stuff that they make t-shirts out of.
"It's an Ester shirt"
by pi squared March 23, 2005
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