When Kyle took a bullet for Jack Black in the HBO series "Tenacious D"

Jack Black sings a solo ballad for his fallen friend, who harmonizes--it seems--from heaven. JB sings that KG's "decision to rescue me..." and KG interrupts, "was definitely Poops McGee."

Interview after the show revealed nothing, as JB and KG never explained who or what Poops McGee is, but the generally accepted definition is "fate"
It was Poops McGee that I missed that flight...
by FeldBum October 14, 2004
Top Definition
A euphemism used by Tenacious D to refer to something that's shitty. Can be heard in the episode "Angel in Disguise".
Jack Black: Kyle took a bullet for me, now I gotta rock the three.
Kyle Gass: (as a ghost) I took a bullet for JB, now I'm in heaven and I can see.
JB: Your decision to rescue me...
KG: Was definately Poops McGee.
JB: No way, no KG I disagree.
KG: Why?
JB: Your decision to rescue me...
KG: Yeah
JB: Was the decision to set you free...
KG: (Walks onto stage) Was definately Poops McGee.
JB: Wait this is fuckin with my head. I totally thought he was dead.
KG: Just remember what you said. The medallion's made of bulletproof lead.
In harmony:
KG: I took a bullet for JB.
JB: Kyle took a bullet for me.
KG: Now I'm in Heaven and I can see.
JB: Now I got to rock for three.
KG: No no no no.
JB: KG and me.
Both: Don't forget about Tenacious D.
by MtFujiInMyPants October 24, 2006
A word specified in the lyrics of Tenacious D. It was a decision factor that was acted upon during the rescue of "JB". Apparantly "KG" took a bullet for "JB", and it became known as Poops McGee.
JB:"Your decision to rescue me," KG:"Was definately Poops Mcgee."
by Rachael May 12, 2004
when someone fucks their partner (girl and guy or guy and guy.. doesnt matter) so hard in the ass that shit flies out of their anal rectum and shatters the window
i poops mcgee this girl and i woke up the next morning lying on my front lawn
by sir poop alot April 11, 2010
said by tenacious d in their lyrics.
cool, the best, great.
that was poops mcgee!
by Mystico October 18, 2004
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