1. Someone who poops.
2. Someone or something that let you down or made you upset.
1. I just got out of the bathroom because I'm a true pooper.
2. "Can you play a game?" "No." "Well you're a pooper."
#loser #gas #body release #meanie #freak
by MiStErMaN802 March 17, 2006
Top Definition
the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on, ass
Kaylyn had the nicest pooper I've ever seen!
by Limetime December 28, 2004
the lovely, soft hole everyone loves to put their finger in, aka spider button
Have you ever licked the pooper?
by g-love June 25, 2005
(1) one who poops
(2) a clever hiding place for a pencil
(3) where poop is made
(4) a stupid being
(5) the hershey highway
(6) generally, the place where your girlfriend says willy won't go
(1) my dog is such a pooper
(2) look! it's up bin laden's pooper!
(3) definition not needed
(4) you are such a pooper
(5) no, not where willy wonka lives
(6) see: some rock song we can't remember, but everyone seems to know
#poop #pooper #bin laden #willy wonka #poo
by Dr. Tran April 01, 2006
a pooper is a butt.

I heard that katies boyfriend stuck his ding dong in here pooper than she liked the stinky of it (his slinky) I was drunk when i rwote this.
#bung hole #smell pit #booty #ass #badunkadunk
by why do oyu wanna know htis? October 08, 2005
The anus or rectum.

(This sentence is here to avoid the 'too many capital letters' problem.)
#anus #rectum #mudkipz #pool closed #habbo hotel
by Epic Fail Girl October 03, 2007
1) The hole in which shit comes out of.
Shut the fuck up, or I'll stick it in your pooper!
#poop #butt #ass #anus #poopy
by Dr Spooner 2 August 22, 2010
The way a cockney describes a female bottom hole
In a cockney voice - Cor blimey Guv last night I did the Mrs in the pooper right tight un
#booty #bum #arse #shitter #bottom
by Steg Wilks February 03, 2011
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