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The kind of cheese that is creamy,Unlike the powdery cheese,that comes with often Shells & Cheese and rarely regular Macaroni and Cheese that comes in a foil pack and when you put it in to mix it, It comes out of the pack slowly like it's pooping.
I'm putting the poop cheese in my shells and cheese.
by Jeff Blanket November 12, 2011
39 9
It doesn't really have a meaning... you can just say it when you feel like it.
"You're poop cheese."
"This food tastes like poop cheese."
"You smell like poop cheese."
by Anna and Ryan August 09, 2006
53 50
noun: Cheese that does not get digested then is later pooped out. Slightly comparable to runny fecal matter. Capable of resale for a profit.
Nate, your face looks like poop cheese
by Monsieur Gary November 23, 2010
4 29