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Referring to the female love hole or Vagina.
I want to hit that poons poon.
by G-RED October 28, 2006
8 4

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spoon shaped tongue used expressly for the sole puropose of poon consumption
Frankie curled his tounge in preparation for his snacking adventures with his poon spoon.
by aankie April 15, 2007
7 4
The penis of a man with successful female relations.
I slammed my poon spoon in the door!
by TheRealMoose November 23, 2006
11 8
Spooning a women from behind and inserting the willy to the vag.
Jef: Honey, darlin, babey, I wanna poonspoon you all night!

Sally: Ok, but dude I know your gonna slip again and end up in my ass.

Jef: Even better for me

Sally: Your a fucktard

Jef: I'll be fuckn' a tard in a minute.

Sally: Babe you can always cum in my back door, Let's Due et!
by wolfdog8mysoul2wicw/nuts November 25, 2009
2 1