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A cock and or dong that is very fun to play with. it is also a word that means "wang, shlong, stick, and of course PENIS!"
wang, shlong, penis, stick, dong, peen peen
by billybob54 November 20, 2010
A penis. A cock. A dick. A dong. A wang.
You put the peen peen in the poon poon.
by Junkrocka May 12, 2008
Language spoken by the Peens. The tribe was once known for their honesty and penitude. Peen peen is occasionally known as Peenish. The tribe originates from the Great Penin Mountain and the Peenlands.
The peen peens were walking around touching their peenznins. They are silly, like Branin and Mathis.


Eat peekcheaps.
by Chafed Nut June 01, 2004