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To Keeley out is to either arrange a meeting with enthusiasm, only to not turn up (or as skaters and hippys might say; bail') , or to attend said meeting, only to leave shortly afterwards, usually to watch some inane programme on television.

The usuage originates from famous Physicist Leslie Keeley, who invented a medical treatment for alcoholism, but spent so much time performing operations that she would often forget to hang out with her bois. She died in 1965.

See also, Keeley Shift"
"hey, I know you have an important exam today, but you'd better not Keeley out on us"
"ok I wont"
"yes you will, you always do you nob"
by sbccrew October 20, 2009
An exclimation made by a man who is certain that he is about to recieve some kind of intercourse, be it a cheeky blowy or full on balls deep poon pounding.

The words are usually said with assonance of 'choo choo' (like a train') and the arm movement commonly seen when a train driver is honking a horn
Danny: that nasty bitch Jenny is gonna feel my balls slap on her gooch. Poon poon!
by sbccrew October 20, 2009
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