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A terrorist bitch nigger that hates Islamic dicks
Hassan you are such a POOKUS!

Andy G stop being a pookus!
by Counter Terrorist force January 18, 2010
When you fuck a nigger in the skull so hard they get brain damage
I went to harlem and pookused this black bitch cause she was stealing KFC and WATERMELON
by nigerianrapist January 18, 2010
Verb. To perform fellatio or cunnilingus (oral sex) on one who you are familiar with, as opposed to performing fellatio on a stranger.
1. Dude, my girlfriend pooku'd me great last night.

2. That girl likes to pooku everyone she's known after six months.

3. Is it true that guys like to pooku and be pooku'd too?
by Okay_Computer July 30, 2009
Another name for your butt, ass, bum, booty or any other name for your rump.
WOW, he has a nice Pookus!!

Your Pookus looks hot in those shorts!

For those potty training, "remember to wipe your Pookus!

Get your Pookus over here, RIGHT NOW!!

NO its your big Pookus that make your pants look fat!
by JJCourtney June 23, 2009
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