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A word describing a small and not particulary strong or hard person. Someone who thinks that they shouldn't be disrespected. Can be offensive to some people. Its origin is cloudy but after some research i have traced this word to TWGSB in kent where it was first used on a pupil as a joke that he took as an offense.
You're such a poojay.

I dont care you poojay.

Oi poojay come here.
by Sammul October 17, 2007
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A piece of poo that look like a bird. Some people crap out clay and shape it into a poojay so they can be proud to say they have made a poojay but ther really didn't and they are a failure. You can also shit out ziploc bags and tissue paper.
Jon just missed to toilet with his poojay. Aw Jon, now it's all over the ground.
by Bboy May 14, 2004
A poop that looks like a bird. Sometimes people crap out ziploc bags that are poojays.
Jon just did a poojay.
by Jamers May 14, 2004

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